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Secretly writing since I left college, I finally decided to share my passion after my lone critic died on Thanksgiving day 2017. No longer being able to tell my stories to my favorite audience, my mother, I transitioned to opening myself to the world.


Starting with the most personal story I could share about a personal tragedy and its effects on my family with "Curse of Black Hawk's Treasure, " I have grown comfortable allowing an audience to hear my voice thanks to B. Love and Megan Joseph.


Under the tutelage of B. Love and the B. Love Publications family, I am continuing to sharpen my skills relaying the craziest, complex characters that have filled my life. Thank you for taking this journey with me. Love ya, Marvin Mason.

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"Marvin Mason has arrived as a refreshing new storyteller with this fun adventure of young people and African-American Midwest life, the seemingly quiet but oh-so interesting world that molded me but rarely shows up in the media.”

-Kalisha Buckhanon