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Book Reviews: Brief Intermission and His Dirty Secret

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

This is one of my first acts as a blogger. This is an opportunity to heap praise on my fellow writers, authors, and anyone who has a profound way of expressing themselves in the media.

Don't call me a Homer when I express a fondness for the talented people who use this medium to share their points of view. Every month I will tell you honestly how I feel about material I am currently reading, have recently read, or am eyeballing to read.

The first two reviews - and I admit they both should have their own separate pages, but it's my first real blog, so there - are release new and old-er? B. Love's Brief Intermission and Mia Black's His Dirty Secret. Why these two? Who cares? Let's dive in.

Brief Intermission - I have been used to reading B. Love's s 'street operas' for a minute, so when this novella came my way I was completely and utterly blown away by what a true writing master can do when she wants to switch up her style. I immersed myself immediately into the story of Sasha and Jace locked up together for two weeks in one environment during the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Sasha has made the decision to break off all forms of a relationship with Jace to be true to her relationship with Evan when a lock down is evoked. What happens during those two weeks is a testament to author B. Love's mastery of her craft. I couldn't put this book down and finished in one day. Love when I can do that. And I completely believed every move both characters made as they tried to co-exist during a truce to the dissolution to their love and friendship. Highly recommend. 5 out of 5 stars.

His Dirty Secret - I have the same commentary to make regarding Ms. Black's first novella in the 'Dirty Secret' series. I was hooked immediately by the characters Jayla and Darius. What caught me off guard was how readily I was to commit myself to the plot devices when Ms. Black pulled the rug out from under me to move to an entirely different book. Well played, Ms. Black, well played. Many of the reviews for this first book can't get over the cliffhanger ruse, yep ruse, but how many of you actually can back for more. Must be a reason there are 11 of these bad puppies. 5 out of 5 stars. And yes, more so because of her marketing savvy, but them's the rules.

If you have any comments you wish to add to my reviews, step on up. You can contact me at

Coming soon: Michelle Myer's Kappa Theta Xi Initiation: A Sexy Sorority Adventure!

And I am out...until the next episode!

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