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Sneak Peak

I'm sharing this with my mailing list and reading group a today because I appreciate you all so much!

On July 3rd, Marvin Mason returns with -- Desire Me Only 2!

After vanquishing Georgia’s killer minion, Maurice Dawson must now tackle the biggest enemies he has ever encountered – possession and obsession. He’s on a job hunt to find a position that will place him near his heart’s one true desire, Keisha Donaldson, who has rekindled her relationship with her ex-husband… much to Mo’s dismay.

After a disastrous job interview, Mo comes face to face with Keisha, and the sparks begin to fly as they both become wrapped up in their emotions. They are unable to hide their true feelings for each other, even as dark forces come to invade and disrupt the union they have formed.

Can they survive the forces of evil that won’t allow them to finally consummate their relationship, or will those forces bring them closer together?

Thank you!

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